​​A.B. Graham Memorial Center

The Fitness Zone

Rates for Membership:

1 Day- $5 ​

1 Week- $16

1 Month- $33 

1 Month (Cardio)- $20 


6 Months Senior- $135 

1 Year 

Senior Family - $445

Senior- $265 

Adult Family- $495 

Adult- $295 


offers 24/7 accessto a mixture of cardio and strength training equipment. Fitness classes are also offered throughout the year. Call today to start the journey to a healthier you!


GUNNER SHIRK, Fitness Instructor

Gunner graduated from Wittenberg University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science specializing in training for strength and conditioning for a healthier lifestyle. He will be offering his services to Fitness Zone members as an independent for an additional fee. Gunners services will include resistance training, conditioning, sports specific training and improvement in balance. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call Gunner directly at 937-418-2342 or email him at gshirk530@gmail.com